Inspired by the Bass logo — the first ever in the history of design, we wish to make our own logos universal, free from the stigma of current trends and fully express their brand’s character. When working with signs, we pay attention to minute details, draw inspiration from the world around us and, first of all, we analize and compare currently existing logos.

About the project

We present selected logos dating back to 2010-2016 in monochromatic versions. Those logos in full color versions were all distinguished.


Brand naming


Józef Kieraś
Adam Harasym

Main prize for graphic sign within Frontier Cooperation Program between Poland and Slovakia 2007-2013.


Honorable mention in Worldwide Logo Design Annual in category Wolda Talent.


Jerzy Panek Prize for the best diploma of Arts Department at University of Rzeszów for the series of logos for Polish League of American Football.