They make the world a better place by creating unique clothes. They really help children, inspiring whole families to work together. They devote the income from sales to helping young kids, bringing pride and smiles to all who have got involved in their actions. We are sure that Łukasz’s first ever words were: I help! Currently, they combine CSR with marketing, acting as an agency.

About the project

Łukasz Kaliciński and his team have been cooperating with us for over 4 years. Since then, they have managed to change the way we understand bringing help. We have conducted many projects together, often feeling like super-heroes. Each one of them had a different history and different kids in scope. We have co-created projects for: Tesco Polska and Tesco Dzieciom Foundation, Poland Busdiness Run and Jaś Mela’s Poza Horyzonty Foundation, Otylia Jędrzejczak Foundation, Empik, Lesser Poland’s hospice in Kraków, Special Educational-Center for Blind Children Tyniecka in Kraków as well as many other associations and institutions. Our projects were shocased on TV (Dzień Dobry TVN, Fakty TVN, Polsat News) as well as in the press and the Internet (Forbs magazine and,, In 2015, Łukasz received an Amicus Hominum award from the Martial of Małopolskie Voivodship and the prize for Innovative Initiative granted by Forbs and PWC. We are proud that our work was aprreciated and we are ready to carry it on in many different ways.


Clothes design
Social campaigns
Photo shoots
Promo videos


Aleksandra Gumula
Mateusz Gumula
Adam Harasym
Józef Kieraś
Patryk Dobrowolski
Filip Gonciarczyk

We connected 56 KNBA team names painted by kids into one inspirational piece of writing. This is how this special T-shirt was created, thanks to help from Orgpahange in Sieborowice.

leave your house and change the world!

High five for Tyniecka

An amazing action and an amazing project. All collection of clothes was actively assisted by chlidren from Special Educational Center for Blind Children in Kraków. It was them whose hand prints appeared on the design that we created.

The event was opened with workshops. Blind children printed their hand prints on pieces of paper using colorful paint. Those hands are their everyday instruments for getting to know the world. They believed they also could help others, even though normally it is they who need to be aided. Next, we created a digital template to be reproduced on many kinds of textiles.


Nasza kampania sprawiła, że produkty były chętnie kupowane oraz noszone. TVN nakręciło reportaż na temat akcji i zaprosiło dzieci do Dzień Dobry TVN, by opowiedziały o jej przebiegu. Następnie do współpracy włączyły się polskie marki modowe: Flawless, odCzapy oraz gego.

Łukasz Kaliciński, Founder

Our cooperation with WWC studio can be described with only one statement: Not Just Cooperation! It’s not only about the fact that they always did their best but they treated us as partners and always showed us individual approach to the commissioned tasks. We recommend them with pleasure!

Together with little patients from University’s Children Hospital in Kraków we organized one-of-a-kind T-shirt — a symbol of IV Charity Run by Tesco Dzieciom Foundation. The workshop included 20 kids dressed in special suits with 1 7 litres of paint and a whole storey of a hospital unit. The project was kindly welcome by the runners and nearly 2000 people showed up at the start of the race. Among people who joined in the action were: Przemysław Saleta, Michał Olszański, Tomasz Schimscheiner, Tomasz Hamerlak, Olga Bończyk, Katarzyna Rogowiec and many other celebrities.


i run in order to...

The main motive for the T-shirt in the form of colorful stain was chosen from hundreds of photogtaphs. While we were working on it, we highlighted the importance of maintaining original character of the paint stain. We wanted to make sure the children could feel co-authors of the run itself.

10 kilometers each of the runners covered that day were special. Some ran in order to be healthy, fit or feel well but they all ran with one clear and respectable goal — in order to help! On 12 September 2015 Tesco Dzieciom Foundation raised 142.128,84 PLN for equipping the Prokocim hospital. The event attracted great interest, which had its effect the following year.

Video from the run →
Run in the media → help little patients from the hospital

We created a unique lettering for Polish bloggers so as to show that blogging means more than profits! We proved that by writing articles, we can easily help others. The print on the T-shirt was created using flex foil. In addition, each product got their unique tag in the form of a label.