A solid and trustworthy partner in construction business at international level, with 70 years of experience. Historically, the company has realized over 3000 sites all over the world, guided by not only highest quality standards but, first of all, their investor’s needs. Bremer make a strong team with one goal in mind — an excellent building with massive structure as its heart, perfected in the factories at Paderborn.

About the project

We have been working together since Bremer European Club Championships 2015, that is the first European club squash championship organized in Poland. Apart from 4 play days featuring matches on a glass court in Galeria Krakowska, the audience could enjoy numerous performances by multiple bicycle trial champion — Karol Serwin, as well as take part in basketball shooting contests with one of the best Polish players — Justyna Żurowska. Our job was to design materials representing not only the company, but also the whole event, Bremer was the main sponsor of. Ever since, we have taken complete care of their Polish department, designing and adapting materials to German brand identity.

Photos included in the project by Blickfang GmbH Studio.


Ad folder
Ad materials


Beata Skocz
Adam Harasym
Józef Kieraś
Mateusz Gumula

Elegant and clear

Our distinguished project is a 64-page Polish version of the folder showcasing complete offer together with production buildings, shopping malls, logistic centers and stadiums. To make it, w used a non-serif font by Jeremy Doodley, which works great both for main text as well as headlines.






All was printed on a matt G-Print coated paper with non-reflective surface in order to guarantee excellent readability and faithfullness of illustrations. Apart from Pantone paint print, we included many ennoblements into the catalogue. The cover was protected by matt, non scratch foil. Inside, there is an additional 760 mm inset as well as foil pocket to insert special offers.

cover with embossed logo

Piotr Brańka, Member of the Board

The studio offers highest quality services, that is why our cooperation continues on other fields. We commission them our designs and print of various advertising materials. What is especially remarkable is their interesting and unconventional graphic designs.

Solid, reliable, punctual

The buildings erected by Bremer are perfectly developed structures, characterized by: thought-out assumptions, innovative technology and constant progress. All according to the latest technological trends.