Key system

Love and passion for all that’s intelligent. They will easily upgrade the comfort of your living in just one click. Surely, they are absolute experts at building automation and using a smartphone from any place in the world they can turn off the light, lock garage gate or turn on heating. We love such challenges and we love to surprise our clients.

About the project

Asia and Kuba came to us after many unsuccesfull attempts at finding favorite graphic form for their logo. They brought us many unsatisfactory designs of their company’s unfinished logo. Analysing those materials, we decided to highlight the first part of the name — KEY, so we positioned it to the front. We also added a strong color accent and finally put the logo into a circle. Unbelievable as it seems, during all that time we had no idea Kuba had excluded circle as the main shape of their sign but all changed once he saw our drafts. That must have been the bulls eye as the logo got approved without any ammendments.


Brand identity


Aleksandra Gumula
Józef Kieraś
Mateusz Gumula
Adam Harasym
Rafał Kalfas

Strong, contrasting colors give the sense of dynamics, introduce modern look and style. It has been expressed by using tonal transition from deep purple to intensive pink.

The typography of brand identity materials is based on Grayfel font, designed by Insigne. This font family has a very approachable look and proves fantastic for many uses. We use six variants of thickness for our materials (both straight and italicised).

font used for identification

Characteristic Clio font designed by Gabriel de Souza from LeType has been enriched with indentations representing key shapes.

font used for logo

CMYK: 50, 90, 5, 15
RGB: 133, 46, 121

brand colors

CMYK: 0, 90, 30, 0
RGB: 231, 47, 109

CMYK: 30, 20, 30, 50
RGB: 117, 120, 112

Joanna Zbela, Co-owner

We can happily recommend cooperation with the studio. They completed each our assignment in time, with reliability and, most importantly, they gave each task individual approach. Their creative ideas should satisfy even the most demanding clients. Cooperation was conducted in nice, friendly atmosphere. They made it possible for us to create a professional and, importantly, recognizable logo for out company.

Further, it was our task to create a functional brand guidelines including the logo’s history and necessary informations. It will be especially useful when reproducing the logo on many surfaces, different sizes as well as particular colorway both for print as well as online content.

brand book